Friday, May 4, 2012

Timeline to Date

This is definately happening FAST! Or so it seems at least... Over the past few years I heard people tell us " it will happen when you least expect it" in regards to selling our house. Seriously, I grew to really dislike that expression, but it is true! Here is a timeline of the past few weeks to bring us up to speed! I will try to revisit the high liters of each of these visits in future posts.... 3/27/12 received offer on current home 3/28/12 counteroffered and accepted contract for sale of current home 4/1/12 visited Ryan Homes Model and fell in love. I just realized it was April Fool's Day- oh Jeez... Hope that's not a bad sign!!!! We did drew up some mock pricing with some wish list items.... 4/9/12 met with Ryan Homes SR to talk a bit more seriously....picked out a lot that we liked. Put a 1k deposit down on the lot to hold it until we came back to maybe sign an actual contract to build. 4/11/12 received Pre approval for financing with NVR 4/14/12 signed contract to build 4/18/12 met with NVR loan officer at model home to complete formal paperwork for mtg application. 4/19/12 visited Ryan Homes Design Center to select colors and options 4/21/12 revisited design center after "thinking about" some of our original selections 4/26/12 met with SR to sign and complete our first and hopefully last change order for colors, materials, ad ons, etc 4/30/12 noticed in a lot drive by visit tht our lot. Ow has "stakes" 5/3/12 Pre- construction meeting 5/3/12 lot now has stakes and an orange spray painted outline of the foundation of our home. 5/9/12 planned date for the "big dig" 5/16/12 moving day from our current home into interm living with mom! Oy! 5/18/12 estimated closing date on current home Late July- estimated closing date for NEW Home!

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