Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mortgage Free! Well, at lest for a month or so....

The past few weeks have been a whirl wind! The Big Dig began on our new Ryan Venice, and we FINALLY closed on our home of nearly 8 years, the last 3 of which we had it on the market for sale!The sale of the home want rather smoothly until the final week. The Week before we were ready to close, the buyers came back and asked that we contribute another $1000.00 to be used towards their first years insurance or they were going to walk away! WHAT!!?? We were just a bit annoyed to say the least. We were already paying 100% of their closing costs through some creative paperwork. My theory is they just didn't have the money at all to close. They literally walked into the purchase of our house without a dime out of their own pocket. Whatever, and good riddens! As upset as we were, we werent really in a position to call their bluff, as we were already under contract with the Ryan home, and construction had just begun.The sale finally closed last week, on May 29th, and we are mortgage free for at least a few weeks! Construction is moving along nicely with the new home, and it looks like we will be on target to close as projected in late July or early August.

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