Thursday, June 7, 2012

Selections, Selections, OH MY!!!

Overall, I will say that this process has been pretty simple. Ryan has their system down, and it certainly works for them, at least. Their systematic approach to selections is certainly why they are able to keep home building within the affordable range for thousands of buyers each year.

Truthfully, I kind of liked being given only a few choices of colors, materials, etc...

I do wish that we were given a little more information up front so that I could do my "research" at thinking at home first before showing up at the selection center. I did have a small idea, mainly becuase of the snooping around on these blogs that I took the time to do, but that was it. I did go back a few times to make a few changes, however.

Here are some samples and pics of what we chose:

Shaw Upgraded Level 2 Traditional Allure "Sand Dollar": Family Room, Living Room

Shaw Baseline "Warm Stone" : Finished Basement

Shaw Baseline "White Fox": Upstairs Bedrooms, hallway, stairway

Bruce Hardwoods "Gunstock": Mud Room, Kitchen, Morning Room, Powder Room, Front Enterence Way

Brixton BX02 Sand Ceramic Tile: Upstairs Bathrooms

Upgrade Laminate "Antique Mascarella": Kitchen Countertops and Gourmet Island

Bathroom Cabinets

Stairway Banister Railing

samples of countertop, kitchen cabinets and hardwoods together...

Timberlake Scottsdale "Maple Cognac:: Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen Cabintes and hardwoods together

Kitchen Cabinets AGAIN.... Scottsdale Maple Cognac

Fireplace Surround Granite" Tropical Something - next to rug.... Not sure I like this tile still... UGGHHH!!!

Standard GE Stovetop: Upgraded to Gas- another seclection I wish I had put more thought into...

Upgraded Over the Range Microwave by GE

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